Incredible Fall Foliage

Mother Nature Shows Off Her Artistry

Fall foliage season is here! It's the time of year for crisp, clear days, that amazing blue sky that only September brings, bright orange pumpkins, and best of all - those gorgeous autumn colors.

Fall is when the Adirondacks are at their best. Being in the woods is great this time of year - the air is cooler and drier, so you can hike much more comfortably. And there are no bugs! Crunching through the leaves, catching a whiff of that spicy, earthy aroma, and then stopping along the way to take lots of pictures ... it all makes for a great day trip.

Another fun thing to do is to pack up your family in the car and head out for a drive to see the foliage firsthand. This is a tradition in our family that we make a point of doing every year. And, of course, we always head to Lake Placid! Whiteface is absolutely gorgeous in the fall, as are the rest of the High Peaks.

And it's not just the fall leaves. Stopping at farmstands for apples, cider, and pumpkins, browsing the shops in Lake Placid, heading up Whiteface, sitting by the lake and gazing at the view, and then eating fantastic barbequed ribs and chicken at the Tail O' The Pup in Raybrook for dinner - it's a great time, and something we look forward to every year.

The peak fall foliage season in the Lake Placid - High Peaks area varies from year to year, of course. But, in general, the last week in September through the third week in October are usually when the colors are the brightest. As I type this right now, in mid-September, colors are spotty. But you can definitely feel the nip in the air! And the leaves are not that bright green that they wear in mid-summer. So the change is starting!

Fall Festivals in Lake Placid

Lake Placid celebrates autumn with two great festivals. The Whiteface Octoberfest is an annual festival celebrating autumn, beer and great Bavarian food.

Another great annual event is the Flaming Leaves Festival, held this year on Saturday, October 12 and Sunday, October 13. The Flaming Leaves Festival combines an autumn celebration with Olympic ski jumping competitions!

So treat yourself and your family to a day (or more!) in beautiful Lake Placid this autumn. The fall foliage really has to be experienced firsthand. You'll arrive back home with a warm glow inside, not to mention fresh apples and pumpkins!

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