5 Bathroom Remodeling Tips if You’re on a Budget

Create a Thorough Planning Before Starting Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Working with a professional bathroom remodeling company, architect or designer might seem like a costly move for those people to want to renovate their bathroom on a tight budget, but it’s definitely a money well spent. Having a solid plan with professional and dependable experts in this field will definitely make sure that your timeline, budget, as well as design, are completely realistic, and it can also be able to give you a reachable goal with a solid path on how to get there.  

Bathroom Remodeling Tips 

According to experts, hiring professional and truly reputable bathroom remodeling contractors can definitely help you save a lot of money and time in the long run, which means choosing to hire professionals to do your bathroom remodeling project will prevent you from making expensive errors.  

Keep Your Plumbing System Where It Is 

Another great reason why you should work with a professional and experienced bathroom remodeling company to renovate your bathroom is that utilizing your existing piping can help you save a lot of money. Furthermore, relocating utilities such as the bathtub and toilet are no small task. Experts even said that it can cost up to $5,000 every time you move the plumbing fixtures in your bathroom.   

Mirror Frame-Up 

You can also dress a builder-grade mirror using a fantastic frame but a fraction of the cost of sourcing a big hanging mirror. In addition to that, a frame in your mirror can also help hide any wear and tear related to age, according to an expert home decorator. Experts usually tell homeowners that they add a new frame around their mirror in order to hide any flaking, which can usually take place around the mirror’s edges, as well as to give it a fresher and more updated look.  

Update Your Toilet Instead of Throwing It 

When renovating your bathroom, you can then consider replacing your toilet seat as well as a lid instead of throwing the whole porcelain fixture. As a matter of fact, simply changing these tops can be able to give your toilet a much fresher look without having to buy a new unit. Thus, saving you more money including the fees that you will have to pay for plumbing installation labor costs.  

The Furniture Vanity 

If you want to upgrade your vanity, you can actually try hunting antique and vintage dressers at antique stores and flea markets. It is not hard to cut out the space in order to hide your plumbing as well as seal drawers that might need to stay in that place, and you can also set a sink on it or in it. For sure, no one in the neighborhood will have another piece like yours and this means that you do not have to shell out a big amount of money for some run of the mill pieces.  

If you want to know how much to renovate a bathroom and to achieve a high-quality result, make sure that you only hire a professional and skilled bathroom remodeling company.